Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Introducing ownCloud 6

Today we release the first Alpha of the latest (ownCloud 6) Community Edition and I'm extremely excited by the latest features. ownCloud 6 is the fastest, best looking, easiest to use ownCloud yet. Oh, and it has a ton of cool, new features that the community can use to safely and privately sync and share files. We also spend a lot of energy on stabilizing and fixing bugs and we will keep on doing this in the future.
The brave at heart can take a look at the Alpha 1 now (warning, may kill your hamster). I've listed some of the top features below (more detail to come), and there may be a surprise or two added in the coming weeks.
A new era has begun at ownCloud, ownCloud 6 -- thanks to all who helped virtually and in-person in Berlin.
  • Activity feed. See what is going on in your ownCloud
  • Improved design. Less visual clutter and more space for better focus
  • Performance. Improved performance across the board.
  • Avatars. People can upload pictures of themselves that augment their interactions, so users are easily recognized by others.
  • Previews. Thumbnails for filetypes are shown in the interface.
  • Conflict handling. A new web conflict dialog if a file is uploaded that already exists.
  • ownCloud App API. Easier development of 3rd party apps, easier access to core functions for app development.
  • Share file notification. Send an email if sharing a file or folder.
  • Example files for new users. Load new user's with files, such as a tutorial on how to use ownCloud, which appears when they first log in.
  • Sharing REST API. Control sharing from mobile apps and desktop clients
  • App management. Improved management of 3rd party apps.
  • Bug fixes. A ton of bugfixes went into this release
  • Many smaller improvements

Thanks a lot to everyone in the community who contributed and made ownCloud possible. ownCloud is an open free software community project. Everyone who wants to contribute is welcome. So join us.


turkil hat gesagt…

Congratulations on the work you are doing with owncloud
I'm a user of owncloud and my old system (dropbox) I miss just check the timing ok to add the icon of each file synchronized.
You plan to incorporate this improvement in future updates?

justanewuser hat gesagt…

Nice done! Just wondering why where is no music-app?

batonac hat gesagt…

Now if only it had mail it'd be a complete Google killer!!

nss hat gesagt…
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Adam hat gesagt…

I would REALLY like to see the ability to send custom email/messages when sharing via email guys.

Jörn Friedrich Dreyer hat gesagt…

Oh and we changed the DBAL from a PDO/MDB2 mix to doctrine. This is a BIG change and every one of you that can test the migration from 5.x to 6 is a huge help! Just report your results via Github or the mailing list.

trexmaster hat gesagt…

Will it be possible to enforce file types restriction on a per user basis ?

Gernot Unger hat gesagt…
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werna hat gesagt…

Will it be possible to sync 2 ownloudservers?

Quo Vadit hat gesagt…

Great improvements!

Unfortunately it's still not possible to hide calendars shared by others.

(when) is this planned to be fixed?

Harlett Go hat gesagt…
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Salt_Of_The_Flame hat gesagt…

is there any chance to participate in your development? it looks like it's my profiling speciality to write applications like that.

Here is my resume:

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