Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Both Parts Win

Today is an exciting day for ownCloud -- for several reasons. First -- we launched our first commercial release of ownCloud. This includes a fully supported server available under the AGPL.
So for those running ownCloud in an enterprise environment (or who want to run ownCloud in an enterprise environment) and want support, you can buy it from ownCloud Inc. starting today.

We also released the first version of our Desktop Syncing Client for Linux and Windows. A Mac version is in development and will come shortly. These clients are based on Mirall and csync -- and Klaas is doing a fantastic job so expect a lot of new improvements and innovations. The clients are GPL licensed and based on Qt and we are working on a deep KDE integration. We also completed the development of the ownCloud iOS and Android apps. The Android client is GPL and we are looking into options to make the iOS App also GPL which is currently difficult because of the Apple AppStore policy. -- The Apps are in testing at the moment and will be released as soon as Google and Apple approve them.

And on the community side, ownCloud 3.0.1 was also released today. This is a bug fix release of ownCloud 3 with several performance improvements and fixes. You should probably update your ownCloud installation to 3.0.1.

What makes all this even more exciting is that all this work shows that the plan to create a symbiotic relationship between the ownCloud community and ownCloud Inc. really works great. Both parts win. And it works because of all the contributors who made all this possible.

Now, after a week nap, I´m looking forward to our next developer meeting in less than 2 weeks here in Stuttgart. Fifteen attendees are on the list and I´m sure it will be a cool event. The plan is to bring ownCloud 4 into shape -- which is scheduled in 4 weeks.

Thanks again to everyone for all the hard work.



Diederik van der Boor hat gesagt…

Awesome awesome awesome!
This makes it a really good open solution to use!

Marcus hat gesagt…


at the owncloud.com overview page (https://owncloud.com/overview) there is an X for the free version supporting mobile and desktop clients. This doesn't sound like "both parts win" :S without OS clients there's no real use for owncloud I guess.

Another point:
Is there a more active community forum than this one http://forum.owncloud.org/index.php ? At the moment I extract owncloud news by daily reading the commit notes at the dev page...

anyway, owncloud is a great project :)


Frank Karlitschek hat gesagt…

Thats a problem with the wording. The clients work with every version of course. You just have no telefone support. I will fix this.

Pascal d'Hermilly hat gesagt…


BTW. Is the cloud down? I can't access owncloud.com

Frank Karlitschek hat gesagt…

Yes. owncloud.com is down unfortunately. To much press coverage today ;-)

John hat gesagt…

Awesome work! Where can I find the link to the windows desktop sync ap?

Steven hat gesagt…

Are there instructions on how to upgrade Owncloud from 3.0 to 3.0.1?

Frank Karlitschek hat gesagt…

@John: https://owncloud.com/download
@Steven: Sorry I had no time to write the upgrade instructions yet. Just replace your ownCloud files with the new version and keep config/config.php and the data directory. Thats basically all.

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