Montag, 24. Januar 2011

2 amazing meetings to change the world

Last week I attended two very interesting developer sprints at the SUSE office in Nürnberg.

More and more people in the Linux world realize that a nice application installer (Application Store) is needed to make the Linux platform more attractive for normal users and third party developers. The current package managers expose way to much complexity to the end users. The normal users doesn´t care about dependencies, libraries and other internals. But the user cares about things like screenshots, description texts, ratings. tags, comments, recommendation from friends and other features which current package managers don´t provide. So the idea grow to build a better tool for finding and installing applications which sits on top of the current package management.

It´s part of the Bretzn project to build something like this.

The first sprint last week brought people from all major Linux distributions on one table to discuss ways to work together to build a common application installer API and infrastructure. Developers from RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva and Mageia met and discussed ways to make this happen. After 2 and a half days we all agreed on an architecture and we will work in the next few month to bring this to all majors distributions. I´m happy that OCS was chosen as the standard API to access App Store Servers.

The second sprint was the Bretzn sprint which took place directly afterwards and was all about coding.

Several people from openSUSE and KDE met to build a proof of concept implementation of an Application Store for openSUSE and KDE.

This second sprint was also super productive so after another weekend we have a basic App Store client together with a server running. All the basic features are in place and it just needs a bit more polishing.

There is a news story coming up with some more information and screenshots. So stay tuned if you are looking for more information. :-)


flors hat gesagt…

Interesting! Are there more technical details somewhere? Is the goal to build a software for an Apps catalog connected to an OBS?

MeeGo is working on something similar, see

flors hat gesagt…

Interesting! Are there more technical details somewhere? Is the goal to build a software for an Apps catalog connected to an OBS?

MeeGo is working on something similar, see

John hat gesagt…

A KDE app store that works on Windows and OSX as well would be a huge win, rather than making people struggle with the current methods which are a major barrier to KDE spreading on those platforms.

Gary L. Greene, Jr. hat gesagt…

Too bad Slackware wasn't able to attend. This would help them too.

Thomas Thym (ungethym) hat gesagt…

Great news, Frank. I am not sure if I am more excited about the wonderful technical results or that fact that so many of the major distributions really work together. That really rocks!

shavedwookie hat gesagt…

Fantastic news, Frank!

Now, what's needed to make this, not only "catch up" to others app stores, but surpass them?


The ability to have a short video introducing an app and have people embed video reviews. No video game website with reviews would ever *dream* of not having video's of the games. Similar advantages would be showing especially cool features in visual apps like Krita, Gimp, Kdenlive etc, helping to promote free software in general, even outside the package manager. They don't need to be all hosted on the same server as the metadata, but just as it's helpful for each app to have an "official" icon and screenshot, the same for video would help, too. Yes, people can link to a video hosted elsewhere, but why make people run to another app and open 10 different tabs to hear people's thoughts instead of just clicking "play". On a more subtle note, I think seeing their apps in this kind of environment would help remind many developers about the importance of communicating their apps benefits succinctly to end users. I know some understand this already (Asiego comes to mind), many do not however.

john_alatalo hat gesagt…

I have write a request to Pardus for this project.
I hope the will join or contribute to:

Its a great distribution but a small repo compared to Ubuntu. This project would be a solution.

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