Montag, 14. September 2009

Open-PC users choose KDE

The first Open-PC survey is now finished. Over 12,000 people participated in our survey with interesting results: 48% choose KDE as the Desktop. 42% choose GNOME and 9% choose Xfce. 52% chose Amarok as mediaplayer and 88% choose Firefox as default Browser.

You can find the complete survey results here:

The second survey started today. Please give us your feedback:

The new website is now online and replaces the old static dummy site. It is more interactive and provides more possibilities for users and developers to discuss and participate.
I try to make it even more open and community centric in the future because the Open-PC should be a real community project driven project.
Thank you to Nuno for the great logo and the graphics by the way.

The Open-PC projects is getting more and more interesting and popular. I´m really looking forward to november when we plan to ship the first version of the Open-PC



Thomas hat gesagt…

Please spellcheck the servey, I think it doesn't give a good message when I find two stupid typos in 4 questions.

Frank Karlitschek hat gesagt…

It would be even more helpful if you could send me the typos. :-)

Thank you. :-)

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